IGA 2027
International garden show 2027 . Gelsenkirchen . in planning since 2021
Placement in the Competition
1st place in the landscape planning realization competition 2020

IGA 2027 – Metropolis Ruhr – Future Garden Gelsenkirchen

The future island can be experienced as a connecting open space in the urban landscape of the Ruhr area. In addition to preserving and developing the post-industrial character, the water and the island location are the defining elements. The ideas of the IGA of a climate-neutral and energy self-sufficient park based on succession strategies are transferred to the permanent systems. The cornerstone is the construction of a 'green ridge', a forest edge that is gradually emerging along the Emscher, which as a connecting element draws the entire future island together. Initial plantings as are placement measure densify the existing tree population, a clear mowing and grazing cycle controls the vegetation dynamics. The 'greenback' becomes a CO2 store, air purifier, living and nature experience space and stands in an exciting interplay with the designed parkland scape. The existing structures from the mining-industrial prehistory and the previous park designs - such as paths, "hedgerows" and box trees - are taken over and further developed.

The former turning basin will become a lively meeting place and activity area.

Turning basin at the Nordstern colliery

The turning pool will be developed into a lively meeting place and activity area. The water edge is generously formulated and accommodates a café with outdoor seating. A footbridge leads into the turning pool and ends with an open, circular bathing island. This defines a bathing resort, has a protective effect and houses changing facilities and lockers. A natural footbridge with rest and viewing platforms makes it possible to experience a new reed and reed zone.

'Greentower'- the former coal bunker

As a lasting prelude to the IGA, the former coal bunker will be preceded by a green-blue band, a cleaning basin for the rainwater from the parking lot, the adjacent paths and the roof areas of the green tower and the reception building. The process of water purification through grasses and flowering shrubs is made visible as a natural experience. The view opens over a wide grassy embankment to the Rhine-Herne Canal - right at the beginning the water is visually drawn onto the island.The lawn embankment can be used for events.

Floating Gardens - A barge converted into a community garden becomes a place of rest and communication.