Realization competition sports forum at Schlaatz . Landeshauptstadt Potsdam . planed since 2020
Building construction
Placement in the competition
1st prize in the 2020 realization competition

The reorganization of the sports areas creates the possibility of connecting the Schlaatz residential area to the Nuthe and making water an element of identity that can be experienced.

Three interlinked park areas are created: 1. the sports park, 2. the Nuthewiesen, 3. the near-natural Nuthepark. The sports park forms a higher level before the Nuthewiesen slope down to the water. As a sports facility that can be used by the public, the park also integrates school sports and can be locked at night. The path structure connects all areas directly and forms relaxation and meeting points in widening areas. A curved contour line opposite to the restored Nuthe forms the transition to the gently sloping Nuthewiesen. A 1,000 m running track follows the contour line, leads through the Schlaatz forest and back to the water.

The Nuthewiesen invite you to stay and have a picnic in the sparse shade of the trees. The renovated cycle and footpath along the Nuthe forms the end of the Nuthewiesen. Small bridges extending the main paths lead to the near-natural, extensive Nuthepark and continue to the Fritz-Zubeil-Street in the direction of Babelsberg.

The outdoor facilities adjacent to the new sports forum create a generous access situation and clear orientation. The Nutheweg links the sport forum to the center of Schlaatz. The open space design offers an ensemble of open spaces with different atmospheres and tasks. In addition to the forecourt and the access road, an infrastructure band with bicycle and car parking spaces is planned along the Nutheweg. The rooms become a meeting point, offer a varied stay, and encourage outdoor sports.

The roof of the new sports forum will be open to the public as a continuing park landscape and offers a wide view over the river and the Nuthepark. The paved surfaces dissolve into the roof landscape, form paths of different widths and differentiated places to stay. A staircase leads directly to the Nuthewiesen, an additional gymnastics and yoga meadow offers space for physical activity. Small trees bring light shade to the roof.